A better experience with us!

Flyttfirma Stockholm is a renowned moving service that provides you with a smooth experience. Our team is skilled with handling moves according to the demands and priorities of the customer. We handle local and regional moves for office relocation, household items, corporate or private moving and many more.

Flyttfirma Stockholm delivers a premium service that takes in consideration the emotions tied with moving or relocation. It not a box of items but your personal possessions tied to your family’s memories or sentimental belongings. During your move we handle your items in a caring matter to make you understand that customer always comes first. With Flyttfirma Stockholm, there is no space for your worries.

How we work

We have years of experience and our 100 percent customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself. Flyttfirma Stockholm offers you with planning, moving and packing of your goods during a move with skill sets and action plans to meet your demands in real time and effectively. We also make sure that you have the best re-assembly plan after moving your goods.

Every move is different and that is why we pay close and individual attention to all the factors that are involved. We closely study your requirements and the scale of the move, and provide with the best solutions and space volumes to cater your belongings. With Flyttfirma Stockholm, you only need to hire our services and then leave the rest to us. Join us today at www.flyttamedoss.nu to start a plan!

Serving quantity with quality!


We at Flyttfirma Stockholm are fully dedicated to the best quality standards and work excellence. Whether large or small scale, we are able to take care of your plans with utmost responsibility and care. Despite skyrocketing market we offer affordable prices without lowering the quality of services. We start the moving process with an in-depth understanding of requirements of the operation and the time frame. Apart from providing physical apparatus to carry out the task, we make sure that you have peace of mind after hiring our services. We pay attention to detail and make sure that no error goes undetected. This results in a smooth and gentle moving process.

Customers matter to us!

For us, customers are our priority. At Flyttfirma Stockholm, our goal is to deliver the best quality and dedicated services. We believe that a 100 percent customer satisfaction is the number one goal for our business.

We don’t want to just help you with a one-time move but create a partnership between owner and customer that lasts longer.


Our aim is to keep the needs of our customers at the top. Our team is trained to understand and answer any of your problems and provide with real time solutions. Apart from maintaining the highest standards of courtesy and professionalism, our team is dedicated to learning and evolving. We are up to date with international standards and aim to provide you with excellent services. Contact Flyttfirma Stockholm today for an amazing homely experience.

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