A Brief On International Easter Youth Camp Since Its Beginning

International Easter Youth Camp under the supervision of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a program that solely aims at guiding the youngsters for fulfilling their dreams as per the words of the almighty. This program influence as well as inspire the young minds filled with passion burning high and the desire of spreading the gospel to their little world. This is a camp where thousands of young minds engage themselves in numerous deeds to attain their dreams successfully being in direct touch with the almighty.

IEYC 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa

In South Africa’s Johannesburg, over two hundred people from around 50 countries gather for the impartation service for listening to the discourses by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome- whom they consider as the “man of god”. At international Easter Youth Camp, for enhancing the soundness of their minds, bodies and soul, all the attendees i.e. the members of the Believers’ Love world take part in these structured activities. Talking of 2015, the first day of the event was administered by Pastor Biodun Lawal- BLW Teens’ Ministry Director.  He in a way urged all the youths to make use of all the opportunities available for propagating the Gospel. The attendees were delighted by the event.

IEYC 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa

What was the scenario in 2016?

International Easter Youth Camp was organized the following year too from March 25th to April 1st. It was held in Johannesburg- South Africa and the event proved to be a blessing for all the people who attended the same.  The session began with Chris asking the audience about the true meaning of salvation and the need of the same. This was followed by numerous other questions and all aimed at evoking the true essence of prayer and the need of being religious.

International Easter Youth Camp- 2017

This year too Pastor Chris is going to organize the camp from 13th of April to 20th of April in Johannesburg. Registrations are still open for those who are keen to join this camp.


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