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The best and excellent hairstyle for men 2016

Most of the guys do not want to change their hairstyle every season while others prefer to keep themselves trendy and cool. However, to improve your appearance and look or a new hairdo will make yourlook like a celebrity. 2016 best and excellent hairstyle for men gives you a professional and sporty look. Hair stylists are trying their best to introduce and create new cuts for men whowill be short and require low maintenance, but you have to get overwhelmed by the sleek styles. Following are the plenty of options. You can select according to your face type.


Excellent hairstyle for men

Most men assume that littlecuts, fade styling, and undercuts will not take an extra hour, and they will get dressed effortlessly and look simple. These short and low maintained cuts completely change your look and make your appearance bit sexy as well. However long haired and very short hairstyles are in thefashion of 2016. So have a look.

Effortlessly irresistible an excellent hairstyle for men

This hairstyle will look irresistibly simple and effortless to style. It will make your look sexy and elegant at the same time. The long haired guys can only achieve the hairstyle. So give it a try. The style will work great on the people with square face cut.

How to style

Just begin with damp hair. You can use hair lotion or volumizing mousse. Just blow dry and push your hair in the backward direction. You can use a styling cream to get the look for a longer time. You have to use your fingers to style and use hair spray to hold them in the place.

Excellent hairstyle for men with Messy mop

This is the messy look which can be achieved in just a few steps. It does not require much maintenancebut doremember, never flatten your hair too much. Men who have medium length hair with wavy texture can easily maintain the style. If you have asmallface, then you can elongate it with the help of this style.

How to style

Just shampoothe hair and let it dry completely. If you have natural wavy texture, then you can use a brush or roller brush to flatten the curls. You can also use a blow-dryer. Light cream may give little extra texture to your hair.

Topped texture

The sides of the head are short and longer form the top. The top hair is styled in a spiky look. It is a classic and modern look which can easily be maintained and quick to style. Men having any hair texture will look perfect in this haircut. Your facial features will be enhancedin this look.

How to style

Damp your hair if they are completely dry. You can use water, hair lotion or mousse for dampness. Now use a styling gel or cream which would provide firmness to the hair. You will just need the styling product on the top of thehair. Never style this hair in Messier or imperfect way. It is better to use wet gel.