Best Practices for the Selection of Bulk Speaker Wire

The top qualities of Bulk Speaker Wire are decided based on the capacity for handling power, durability, sensitivity for the variation in sound, noise filtering, and the signal transfer speed. The type of cable you choose has to have the best options for connectors, live sound carrying capacity and multiple hardware compatibility. The other characteristics you need to check are the AWG with reference to the resistance value. These two factors are again dependent on the distance to which the Bulk Speaker Wire can work with best of efficiency. For example you can consider the wire with 4 Ohm resistance. For the power between 50 and 100W the wire can have 10AWG to 12AWG. The maximum distance covered is between 20 feet and 100feet. In such instances you shall certainly choose the one with optimized characteristics for balancing all the parameters.

Bulk Speaker Wire – Sound Sensitivity

  • Sound Loss: - When the normal speaker wires are stretched over long distances, they tend to suffer from sound loss. In some instances it can go up to 50% or even more. Then the quality of the original sound is also lost. An effort to reduce the loss will consider enhancement in the shielding, selection of better cabling material, improved conduction, reduced resistance etc. the Bulk Speaker Wire from Tektel gives you coverage for all the parameters at the highest quality standards. The ratio of sound loss is reduced by more than 80% under specific conditions.
  • Sound Quality: - Good quality sound retains the characteristics related to the wavelength and frequency same as the original sound from the source. This is made possible by the sort of metal used in it. The material construction allows near zero interference while the sound waves travel the distance from the source to reach the speaker. Hence the quality is nearly the same as the original regardless of the wiring distance. Of course the gap goes on decreasing with distance.
  • Live Vs Recorded Sound: - if you have attended any of the live rock concerts, you will obviously notice the difference between the sound there and the recorded sound. The recorded sound will have better clarity. This is because most of the recordings happen within closed studios where the probability of wind and noise interference is zero. But it is entirely different with the live sound. Normally the interference levels are high. But the Bulk Speaker Wire from Tektel has the capacity of filtering out the interference levels to the maximum levels. So, you are able to record the sound of your favorite rock music at the best of quality output.

Bulk Speaker Wire – Conductivity vs Resistance

Resistance is an integral part of every speaker wire. While it may not be possible to avoid it, the resistance factor can be optimized to get the best quality output. The parameters like the gauge, cable type and the diameter of the cables have to be altered to get the best quality output. The manufacturers of Bulk Speaker Wire at Tektel have optimized all the parameters to get the best quality sound output.

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