Beware of free legal services as there is no such thing

The word free gets thrown around every second in this day and age. Everywhere you look you will find advertisements offering something free with a purchase.  Yes, this may work with retail goods , but what about essential services like legal advisors? Let us be frank. There is nothing free about getting legal advice.  Yes, if you search on the internet, you will find a number of advertisements offering the same. However, what we do not realize is that it comes with terms and conditions attached.

For example, you have been drawn into a property dispute.  You know that you have to engage the services of a legal advisor. The moment you start searching for the same on the internet, you will be presented with a number of services. Let’s say while searching for radca prawny gdynia, you approach individual offering legal services for free.  This said individual may give you free advice for a period of time. However, the free service will not extend to the duration of the court proceedings. So you will end up paying the advisor for his or her services.

However, let us see what happens if you opt for a “paid” legal service. To start with there will be complete transparency. The legal advisor will tell you upfront what are the charges and the time it may take for the legal proceedings to be completed.  They will also guide you on the paperwork required and the procedural information needed to take the case forward.

The paid service will also tell you upfront if the case being filed by you has a legal standing or not. They will provide you alternative solutions within the legal framework. In other words by opting for a paid service for radca prawny gdynia, you will be taking the right steps in pushing your case forward in the proper direction.


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