Build A Strong & Toned Body With These Exercises


Every day thousands of people across the country hit the gym in the hopes of not only having a stronger and more toned body, but living a healthier life as well. If you are interested in getting the most out of your daily workout, then it pays to do a little research and see what exercises give you the greatest bang for your buck. In this post, we will focus on what we believe to be the 4 most effective exercise motions for getting that toned, strong body you’ve always wanted.


Quad Dominant

Let’s look at the compound exercises you can do by focusing on different regions of the body. Let’s begin with the quad dominant. The quads are an important muscle group that you will want to train hard and often. Similar to hip dominant exercises, the squat can provide a lot of benefit for your quads. Leg presses, lunges, and front squats can all provide the compound exercises that will help tone your body and strengthen your legs.


Horizontal Pulls And Pushes

Horizontal pulls and pushes can do a lot to help your core strength. Be aware however that both must be done in equal measure. The last thing you want to do is overdevelop the front muscles and leave you’re back weak and incapable of picking up the slack when needed. Shoulder presses, bench presses, and variations can help to reduce your risk of injury while improving your overall strength. These type of compound exercises target multiple muscle groups and are an effective way to build a bulkier and stronger upper body.


Vertical Pulls And Pushes

Looking to better develop all of the muscles in your shoulders? Creating a fantastic look and providing you with strength to boot, developing a routine of vertical pulls and pushes can create a compound exercise that does just what you are looking for. Not only will movements that mimic vertical pulls and pushes help with your shoulders, but they will also help work out your back muscles as well, further balancing the strength and mass you will be building by performing horizontal pulls and pushes.


Hip Dominant

Interested in covering the central part of your body (your core)? Developing a strong lower back will help not only with future health and pains but also provide you with a lot of power when lifting. There are a ton of compound exercises that help train this part of your body including the ever-popular squats, deadlifts, step-ups, leg presses, and lunges.

While our list covers a range of muscle motions targeting the entire body, if you were after some more examples of the top compound exercises you can perform to help you progress in strength and size, then see here.

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