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Do you live near Nashville? Is your car key working? No? Then do something about it! Call an automotive locksmith service in Nashville for a start and have them take a look at the car key. They will tell you what’s wrong with it. Meanwhile, follow this troubleshooting guide if your car key is not working.

“Help! My car key is stuck in the ignition. I can’t start the car and I am near Nashville but not sure where I am”!

Sometimes the key gets stuck in the ignition and is impossible to remove, even when you adjust the steering wheel or try other tricks to extract the key from the ignition switch. There’s not much you can do in this case, just call an Nashville automotive locksmith. They will remove the key for you while ensuring that there is no damage to the car.

Help! I can’t open the car door! My car key doesn’t work!

#1: If the car key has been damaged physically, then you should get a new key for sure. Don’t waste any time over this. Do not visit the local car dealer it is too expensive, visit a reputable Nashville automotive locksmith and get a car key replacement made. If you have a transponder key, you can have the new replacement key programmed by the automotive locksmith at a fraction of the price charged by the dealership.

#2: It’s possible that the car door lock has been damaged. In that case, have the damaged lock looked into by a professional automotive locksmith in Nashville. They will either repair the damaged lock repaired or install a new set of door locks.

Help! I can’t start the ignition! And my car is stuck at the Nashville mall!

Maybe the issue is with the ignition cylinder, because of which the car key cannot start the car. In that case, the Nashville automotive locksmith will repair or replace the ignition cylinder for you. This is a part of their job and should be easy enough for them.

Help! The car is not responding to the signals from my key fob! I can’t open the car door.

#1: The problem could be that the keyless remote control batteries or the key fob batteries have run out. That’s not really a big deal. Check out the owner’s manual to see the type of battery used by the key fob. You will also find detailed guidelines on how to change the battery in the owner’s manual.  You can buy the replacement battery for the key fob or car key remote at a local hardware store.

 #2: If the key fob still doesn’t work even after replacing the batteries then it’s possible that the chip embedded in the key fob has been damaged, or the interior electronics have gone wrong. There isn’t much you can do in this case, just call a Nashville automotive locksmith and ask him to repair or replace the key fob or keyless entry remote.

Help! My transponder key is not working!

Most of the new models these days come with transponder keys.  If the transponder key isn’t working, then have it reprogrammed by a Nashville automotive locksmith. It costs much less to have the transponder key programming done by a locksmith compared to getting it done by the local dealership.


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