admin October 31, 2017

Trade X1 is no newcomer to the trading industry, since its establishment, the company has been providing its clients with the state of the art technology and tools to enable global online trading on its platform. Some of the tools the company offers its clients are highly sophisticated software that is used for data analysis on various markets and business trends. Other than this, the company provides a stock charting system that enables the clients using this platform put their data into perspective, therefore, making well-informed decisions financially and economically. Most of the tools available for use by customers are designed by highly competent and skilled professionals in the financial industry, therefore, making them safe, reliable and easily comprehensible by even a beginner in the online trading business. TradeX1 has a mission to create an information wealthy and profitable trading platform globally than can aid the success of traders.

If you are wondering how the company sets on achieving this, the first place you ought to look is their support team. The firm prides itself of a highly committed, self-driven, competent and highly skilled personnel who serve as their support team. These individuals come from various regions and can speak multiple languages meaning that if a TradeX1 client had an issue that needed to be addressed or clarification from whatever part of the world, he/she is sure going to receive the assistance they require. The company has been focusing on the provision of excellent client support and relations, and this made it necessary for them to develop a highly trained support team that is capable of assisting its clients around the clock each year. Clients can receive customer support six days each week through E-mails, live chats for and also via telephone for those who call in.

Account managers that have been trained to serve the company’s clients while meeting and surpassing their expectations. The ability to successfully cater for a trader’s online trading needs promptly has had these clients provide positive reviews about the company while at the same time referring new client’s s to the company. Unlike other online trading firms, the firm is always redefining its goals and objectives with the aim of aligning its core function with the emerging trends in the trading industry. What’s fascinating about the company is that it allows traders to use the Meta trader 4 platform. The adoption of these trending patterns has made it possible to enhance and improve their client’s investment portfolios with the aim of increasing the customer’s returns. Members of this company are rest assured that these dedicated Account managers will be available each time you need assistance with your account or clarifications on issues regarding online trading.

For interested individuals looking to create an account with, there are numerous selections to choose from the most common being Micro and standard accounts that have deposit amounts ranging between $500-$999 and $1,000-$2,499 respectively. For traders looking to trade using more substantial amounts Silver, Gold and VIP accounts can be set up. The deposit amount for the silver account is set at $2,500-$9,999 while that of the Gold account is at $10,000-$24,999. As for the VIP account, the deposits begin at $25,000.

Security of clients funds has always been of fundamental concern to this is one of the chief reasons many online traders find this company attractive as compared to other companies offering the same services like theirs. The company also provides an assurance of safety and security to client’s funds meaning a client can withdraw their money at any given time as it is never used for other functions and purposes. This has enabled the creation of trust between the company and its clients over the years.

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