Change stupny in case of Puncture

            Have you ever been stuck on the road side while traveling to somewhere on your car to attend a important ceremony, party or meeting and you have to be there on time but unfortunately your car’s tire got puncture due to which you are unable to move ahead further. In these types of situations, people having strong temperament often gets depressed and become idle as what to do and how to do, Actually they need towing company in Toronto. Following are the step by step instructions as how to behave in that very situation.

  1. Find a flat and safe place for flat tyre:             First of all find a solid and stable surface that will keep your car from rolling and if you are near road or park try to be apart from traffic and on safe side turn ON your emergency flasher lights (hazard lights).Instead of car key problem, you need 24 hour car locksmith near you.
  2. Apply the parking brake: Never forget to apply hand brake while your car is in rest position.
  3. Place a heavy object: Try to keep some heavy object such as rock, concrete, spare wheel etc… In front of front and rear wheels.
  4. Take out the spare wheel: Take your spare wheel out from your car’s rear trunk and place near the car.
  5. Raise the jack until it supports the carand jack: Place the jack under the tyre frame to whom you are going to change. Always ensure that the jack is in close contact with the metal portion of the car’s frame. The jack should be perpendicular to the ground so that it should be firmly in place with against the underside of the vehicle.

  1. Remove the hubcap and loose the nuts: Use the wrench that usually exists in the toolkit of every car and start losing the nuts in counter clockwise position. Always be prepared for any unforeseen situation because sometime the nut sizes are different as per the routine sizes.
  2. Pull the jack to lift the tyre off the ground: The purpose to pull the jack is to lift the tyre so high so that the spare tyre can be replaced easily. Whenever you lift the jack, make sure that the car is in stable position and if you feel any instability, immediately lower down the jack and rectify the problem before proceeding further.
  3. Remove the nuts: Now in this step you will have to remove the nut one by one by moving them counter clockwise until they get loosen.
  4. Remove the tyre: Before removing the tyres always keep a flat tyre under the vehicle so that in case of any incident the vehicle should not fell down immediately thereby causing severe injury.
  5. Placing of Spare tyre on the hub: Always take extra care to align the rim of the spare tyre with the wheel bolts then put the nuts one by one by moving them clockwise. Ensure that the spare tyre has been installed in correct position.
  6. Lower the car: Now at this movement you should lower the car without applying full weight on the tyre. Tight the nuts as much as possible as per the recommended standards.
  7. Removing the jack: Now the time has come to lower down the car fully on the ground by lowering and removing the jack.
  8. Treatment of the puncture tyre: After the problematic tyre has been removed from the car put it in the trunk and take it to the mechanic for fault rectification and further use in case of any emergency.


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