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Writing dissertation is a crucial and important part of your degree and it involves several different stages. Each stage has its own importance and significance in creating a well written thesis. The first and the most basic step is to decide your thesis topic. For most of the students it is the most frustrating stage often. To find out that the topic you opt is going to be in the correct direction is not easy. There are several ways of finding the right research topic for your dissertation; however there is no right or wrong way of this process. There are just certain tips which we can follow to select a good dissertation topic. Selection of a good topic will ensure much smoother steps ahead.

  • In some of the universities, they provide you a list of topics and you have to select one from them. But in some cases you are given an open choice to select the topic. The selection of the topic in such case depends on your department’s requirements just like in essay writing service.
  • The selection of your topic depends on the type of research you want to do. It can be research that you want to do practically in the field or just a research based on comparison with the existing literature. The student has to decide first in which direction he wants to go. Read critically various articles and thesis of others to gain knowledge and ideas.
  • In the next step select a subject that is global in nature. It means that the students should opt for the discipline that has data on a large scale and has a lot of capacity to write because not all subjects are wide enough to do research on. There are many subjects that do not have enough information.
  • Once you have selected a topic that is universal in its nature, look for the journals and newspapers or on the web and search for articles that are relevant to your subject. Spend time in library and find out literature that is related to your subject.
  • After you are done with the research you need to focus on certain minor aspect or feature of the subject. For example if you take the subject of poverty, you cannot cover every aspect of it. You have to choose a certain segment of poverty like how poverty is affecting the African countries.
  • Make a list of topics related to the subject and show it to your friends and class fellows. A good topic will attract them their excitement will be a proof that your efforts are going in the right direction.
  • Now from that list of the topics, go for the one that is closest to your heart and make it final.
  • It is better to choose a present day topic than to go in history because the recent and modern topic has a lot more information as compared to the history topics.
  • Try to avoid practical research topic because the research in that case is very time consuming.

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