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While choosing between the asphalt and concrete pavements Driveway Paving Richmond VA

Out of all types of pavements such as stones, bricks, concrete or concrete blocks; the asphalt mix is probably the most economical option available, provided that it is made of a robust mix and foundation. Whether a warm mix or a cold one, asphalt lasts for around four to five years when taken care of. It requires maintenance as it develops ruts and cracks over time. The asphalt pavement needs to be sealed every two to three years.

Concrete pavers are robust in a sense that they can stand the test of extreme weather conditions, especially the hot ones. If yours is warmer climate, you will most probably choose the concrete pavements over the asphalt ones. Concrete block pavers come in multiple interlocking shapes. Concrete is more durable, almost maintenance-free, and robust against weather conditions prevalent in both the East and the West coast. Nevertheless, some people go with the asphalt option and here are some of the reasons that I have heard from them.

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Installation Cost: How much do you want to spend on your driveway paving? The asphalt pavement comes at half a price that of a concrete one. It is a considerably cheap when you compare it with the decent concrete block pavers. The massive installation cost shadows the other qualities of concrete block pavers such as high durability and low maintenance.

Look and Feel: Well, most of us prefer beautiful patterns of interlocked concrete blocks. The stone pavers of granite stones or cobblestones look marvelous too. The landscape architect in you can go for the most elegant stones, blocks, or tiles to match it with your house. Many have no such aesthetic preference toward rocks and blocks. They like the beautiful blackish gray color and the soft texture of asphalt. Have you ever wondered about the color and texture of the pavement you would want to see every day when you take your car out of the driveway? Now, that is a personal choice, and I will leave it to you to decide.

Repair: There is no second opinion or even a comparison as it is a well-known and time-tested fact that the concrete pavers require less maintenance compared to the asphalts ones. Not only that the concrete pavers last long, but they develop less degradation and deformation over the number of years. So, is it a clear win for the concrete pavers? Here is a catch! Though the concrete is robust, if accidental cracks are formed on the surface, it gets bumpy. Whereas the asphalt surfaces are softer, and you will have less likely to feel a significant difference when accidental dents appear. The repair cost is also a factor worth considering. The low asphalt repair cost proves to be a significant advantage in the long run.

If installed by laying a water-free robust foundation and maintained properly by sealing and repairing the cracks, the asphalt paver proves to be an excellent decision in the long run. There are hundreds of construction companies that are expert in paving, and if you want to get done the driveway paving, Richmond VA, you can opt out of contractors in the area after scrutinizing their previous work in the driveway paving, Richmond VA.