About oMail-webmail 0.98.2

  • oMail-webmail 0.98.2 is a Webmail solution for mail server based on qmail and optionaly vmailmgr.

  • Features:
    • qmail, vmailmgr and vpopmail authentication support (not sendmail)
    • 100% Maildir based
    • reads the mail directely from the server disk, without need for POP3 or IMAP
    • multiple language support
    • session expiration after N minutes for security
    • multiple signatures und headers support
    • basic folders support (4 defined folders)
    • mailbox search engine
    • featured addressbook

  • This a GPL licensed project, created and currently maintained by Olivier Müller, Zürich,
    Switzerland. If you want to show your appreciation of oMail-webmail, you can consider
    getting me one of the CDs from my CD Wishlist at CDNOW :
    http://cdnow.com/gift/om@omnis.ch. Please put your eMail address into
    the Message area, so that I can thank you for your present!

  • Supported languages: English Francais Deutsch Italiano Polski Castellano Dansk Czech Japanese

  • oMail-webmail is programmed in Perl, and is originaly based on the Neomail project, started in 1999 by Ernie Miller.

  • If you are interested by this project, you will find more information on following webpages. Subscribing to the mailing lists is also highly recommended.
    • oMail-webmail download page
    • oMail-webmail public CVS tree
    • Mailing lists (subscribe/archives)
    • The oMail-admin project homepage (for vmailmgr users)       
    • Live Demo : login: test@omnis.ch, and password: test
    • Freshmeat oMail-webmail entry

  • CVS Version: Modified v 1.64 2001/04/30

  • Sponsors:
    • Omnis Internet Services, Switzerland
    • insign gmbh, Switzerland
    • Webstyle gmbh, Switzerland
    • Drakkar Communication, Switzerland
    • BfK, Switzerland
    • TerraTec Electronic GmbH, Germany (look at their m3po! :-)

  • Suggestions, requests and bugfixes welcome in the form below!
    (This is NOT intended for end user support: please ask your local sysadmin at support@www2a.your-server.co.za, thanks. And the mailing list is the right place if you need installation support.)
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Version 0.98.2