Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Natural landscapes and lush green meadows adds a lot in the beauty of a place, be it a city or even a country. Every country across the globe no matter how advanced it may be, if lacks in the natural beauty, people would not like to visit and it will affect the economy of the country as it will not be amassing any revenue from tourism. The Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, one of the most amazing fiestas of Arabians, has garnered much appreciation. The reason is, the oil-rich Arabs have shifted their trends of spending huge sums on skyrocketing buildings to maintaining their deserts which are spread far and wide in the entire Arabian Peninsula.


About a decade ago, the world saw a major and an abrupt boom in the economical condition of Arabs as they went from millionaires to billionaires and from billionaires to trillionaires. They were quite fond of architecture as we can see high-tech buildings all across Abu Dhabi. At first, it was a place where people loved to visit at least once in a life-time. Then suddenly people started opting for other places for leisure and fun. It affected the revenue coming from tourism on a large scale. For those sitting at the helm, it was a problem of great concern. After much thought being put into the matter, they decided to provide the tourists with such an adventure which they haven’t had experience before. This laid the basis of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi.

The Desert Safari Abu Dhabi has become one of the most sought after adventure package which is garnering attention day by day. Every year, irrespective of what the weather conditions are, Abu Dhabi warmly welcomes thousands of travelers across the globe. The adventurous package comprises several points where you can ease off your back after dune bashing and camel ride. Alongside, there is a shisha party right after dinner. For those who have experienced the adrenaline boost initiated by aroma of shisha, it is a great experience. Another great experience you can have is that of amazing dinner which is mostly composed of barbeque meat.

One may think of it as an adventure which entails only the benefits. This intuition of yours is wrong because it is a point to be remembered that adventures often become nightmares if you don’t consider the security measures and don’t bother to worry about the issues which can ruin your journey. There are different security measures for different types of groups. If you are travelling with a group of friends leading from 5-10, each of you should buy your own water bottles and cell-phone chargers. There is a lot of hustle to be seen on the meeting spots where people come unprepared and then they have to face difficulties because their phones are drained totally.

In short, every journey you do becomes your memory and we bet you don’t want to make it a bad experience. There is a lot more to it. Recently we have witnessed couples flogging towards the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. The only reason is, they want start their matrimonial life with great motivation and thrill. It is always said that if you want to test the limits of a person, do travel with them and eat with them. This will not only reveal their inner-self to you but also you will get to know more and more about each other. It has become another best spot for honeymoon couples. So, without much ado, let’s book yourself a great safari drive and enjoy it with your friends, family and your wife.

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