Endless Power from the Sun for Multipurpose Lighting and Heating

Ever since the technologists started harnessing the Power from the Sun for multipurpose lighting and heating, the scenario of energy conservation and environment protection has assumed greater importance than before. Domestic application of solar power brings many elements related to planning, design and installation procedures. These parameters are based on the average daily energy consumption of the household. Hence you need to calculate this factor when you decide to use the Power from the Sun.

Costs involved in harnessing the Power from the Sun

  • Solar panel installation includes panels, controller, batteries and an inverter as the basic components. Decide on the number of panels you need. One silicon cell can generate 0.5 volt. That means connecting approx 40 such cells will be able to provide you with enough power for running a pump. So you need to plan for the number of “modules (Blocks of solar cells linked with each other and sealed in a housing case)” based on the storage capacity of your battery and the consumption rate per day. Eventually this will be converted to annual consumption before you actually start installing the solar panels. So you need panels which are made of groups of modules connected to each other. Calculate the cost for total number of panels first.
  • Calculate the costs involved in the installation of cabling, controller, batteries and the inverter. These elements make up one time cost. Of course you should also look at the maintenance costs. But they are considered relatively nominal.

Portable Inverter to Utilize Power from the Sun

Portable inverters are increasingly in demand for their efficiency, portability and the ability to connect with multiple utilities. There are many benefits of such systems for utilizing the Power from the Sun.

  • They can be connected with multiple output ports like 120V or 110V. They can be charged from normal household power supply and solar power. Some of the versions can be charged even from car batteries. Hence they can be carried with you when you go out on camping travel. You can easily connect them to solar panels for charging when you have a power outage at your home.
  • If you wish you can opt for customized modular solar panels which can also be carried along with the portable inverter. The total cost is said to be relatively economical when compared with the other models of portable inverter.

Benefits of Power from the Sun

  • You save on your power bills. By choosing gallium arsenide solar cells for your panels you are able to harness the Power from the Sun more (approx 28%). That means you save on time while charging your inverter and get more power per unit of time.
  • You can reduce the complexity of cabling network at your home when you switch over to solar power.
  • You reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from your home and contribute for the transformation into a green world with the help of the Power from the Sun.
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