Everything you need to know about Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is the most common technique used to decorate the floors. It prints a pattern and texture as a newly laid material. As said, stamp concrete needs to be poured into new concrete.

You do not say that you cannot add a stamped pattern or shape to your existing tab, which requires some intermediate steps. If your existing floor cracked and you need to stamp it with a new design, it is important to add material or overlay layer. Because concrete is one of the preferable material that is strong and durable which helps to maintain a beautiful floor.

The importance of Stamped Concrete:

The Stamped concrete has a lot of importance in designing a floor. It provides a fine layer on the ground which is stronger and attractive. It can be applied both to the exterior and interior of the house. The outside part includes Driveway, Pathway, etc. and inside part includes Epoxy Flooring. This material has multiple uses to the house owners.

  • Concrete need minimum of increase in two inch height. The overlay mix of another product available that can be applied to the concrete. This patch has shorter life span than compared to the concrete.
  • If your patio is cracked or damaged, then it’s recommended to not overlay any patch on it because it may too get cracked as well. Overlaying the concrete will hide the stains and small cracks in the material, though.
  • The process of Stamping involves pouring the physical quantity that you would do for regular flatwork. The floor should be dry enough to fill the concrete. In order to stamp, the concrete should not be soft, but still, need to be as moist as the seal. The perfect timing should be followed while pouring the concrete.
  • The stamped concrete’s coloring can be achieved in several ways. Some color materials used with stamped concrete include mixed colors, antique release type colors, color hardening machines and tinted sealers. Integrated colors are added before to the concrete. Comprehensive colors come in both liquid and powder form.
  • These colors integrate through the concrete and will be strong. If the concrete is cracked, the color will remain stable on the slab. The contractor will always choose for different colors to achieve a new look.

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