Expenses in College Vs Universities

Whether you are going to attend a college of a university it is the most important decision you are going to made in your life. A university life is going to give you more opportunities regarding your degree and career as compared to a college. But the thing is that in a college the budget remains under control. You can get easy and quick education with a limited budget that is not the case when we talk about taking admission in a university. Here in this article, we are going to get a comparison between the expenses in college and university. Let’s take a look.

The differences of Finances 

No matter finance is the greatest factor when you are going to get admission in a college or university. In an honors program, you have to get four years education in a university. Besides gaining a lot of knowledge, you have to spend a lot of money also. On the other hand, you can complete a program in college from nine months to two years. So the amount of money you spend in college is very less. As per a survey in Canada, the cost of attending a college with two years program is about USD 21,000. In a university, the cost of attending a four years degree program is about USD 54,000.

The greatest and exciting fact is that what you spend will come back to you later. The average income you can get on annual bases with a four-year university degree is about USD 49000 and a person with a two-year college degree can earn about USD 32000. Here you can take an example that a chef with university training can earn more than a chef with college level training.

The Cost Factor that Distinguishes Between a College and a University

Cost is the main difference that makes people distinguishes between a college and a university. Most of the people consider this factor when they have to make a choice between the two. No doubt community colleges are cheaper than universities. Due to this price factor, most of the students prefer to get an education in a community college and then they transfer to a university to get the higher education.

Types of Fees in Colleges and Universities

There are many types of fees that you have to pay when you are going to get admission in a college or a university. All students have to pay tuition fee. This fee is fixed in colleges for every student but in university, it is different for different programs. It is less for some mentioned programs and higher for other programs like technical programs. It is also different for international and local students in the university. Students also have to pay extra fees for college and university. These fees are for using college and university services and facilities. It is a general fee and every student has to pay for it. In university, you also have to pay for books and students supplies and the amount can be about USD 1,000 per year.

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