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We have an unstoppable collection when it comes to scarves for women and at the same time, we have unstoppable variations as well when we talk about wearing and styling up scarves. It is the most favorite accessory to any girl. You can try out these latest and classic ways to wear a scarf.

Double loop style for a scarf

If you have an amazing collection of scarves then for one of them, you can wear it in double loop style form. To make this wearing style, you have to make the loop of your scarf for two times and then tie it around your neck. Just take one end of your scarf over and then turn it down by making its way through neck loops. Finally tie their ends together.

Knotted necklace style for a scarf

To make this knotted necklace, you have to wrap up your scarf just behind your neck. Now take one end and then you need to wrap it around right on your hands. Slowly pull it through so that you can make a loose knot. Now have the other one scarf end and then you can pull it all through that side knot.

Double-sided twisting style

Take two of your best and favorite scarves then pull them back to back. You have to loop those scarves around your neck for one time and then turn the fabric in order to see both of the sides of your scarves.

Neck wrapping style

To wrap your scarf around your neck, you can follow this simple style. You just need a long scarf and then make a loop of it twice right around your neck. You need to tie up the ends in a manner of half knot position. Tie those ends under your scarf loops.

Knotted shawl style for your scarf

It is one of the advanced versions to style up and wear a scarf. Take a scarf and put it around your shoulders like the way and manner you put a shawl. Then make a half knot with the help of its ends. Now gradually pull the ends to a tighter way on your back. Finally, pulling the scarf fabric down and covering both of the ends will give a perfect styling to your scarf.

Braided styling for a scarf

For this style, you should have a long scarf. Just put that long scarf right behind your neck. Then you have to tie a loose in form half a knot with the help of its ends. Taking the right end and crossing it over on the left side and pulling it under your scarf loop, this will give a hang down position to your scarf.  As soon as it will be hung down, you need to grab its left end and then make it cross over on another end. Repeat this process until you see that your scarf ends are getting too short for loop making.

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