Four Ways You Can Use To Stay Safe From Wi-Fi Hacker


Today, where computers have become every person need according to their works that how they used it. Most people use their computers with an internet connection to work online because in today’s world internet has become a globally most used social media for every person’s life. Most people don’t even know what they are browsing the internet they visit websites and the blogs related to their work. But they don’t know that the hackers are tracking their IP address.

What is a Hacker? Someone who tries to enter your PC and stole the personal data you have saved. We know that two types of hackers, the ones who want to access your computer. In fact they can and the others who do it because as they are thieves. Without knowing the true intentions of intruder’s you don’t want them reach their on your personal information that you have in your computer. So you have to stay safe from Hackers.

There are some ways that you can stay safe from Hackers. Below we have named some of the useful methods that can prove very benefit for you and you can stay undetected from being tracked by the Wi-Fi hacker and keep your cell phones protected all the time.

  1. before connecting with Internet, installation of a firewall is neceassary:

What is a firewall? Firewall is the first line of defense for your computer it comes in software that you have to install into your computer. It prevents the Opportunity for hackers from reaching your windows. The moment you install this software and are connecting to the internet it will block them right away. And will go on to the next victim with the access and before they try to enter your firewall.

  • Choose your passwords correctly:

Some individual programs won’t allow you to use your name or to type any digit sequence like 12345.This may be easy to remember, but they are also very easy for hackers to guess. Avoid these kinds of names like using your date of birth or the name of someone close to you or your social security numbers as password.try to unique think the strong the password the more information is secure.

  • Install antivirus software:

What people do is they install an antivirus into their computer so they could not get any virus.  But in Reality, they will try to harm your computer in the process. So it is critical for you to up-to-date your antivirus. The most hackers use standard Viruses method that will allow them to enter unsuspected on others computers and this is the most useful way to stay safe from hackers.

  • Only open the files and emails the people you know:

When somebody gives you something like USB to copy a file or send you an email through the internet. You have to scan them for yourself with an antivirus program before opening it. Some people do this to send a virus to your computer without even knowing those files were infected.

These are the some of the instructions and methods you have to follow. And you, and your personal data will be staying safe from Wi-Fi Hacker.

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