Ghana Daily News: The government of Ghana has released the promised amount to pay for the country’s Free Senior High School Program. The money released amounted to 12,178,544 cedi which is in line with the budget that it made in implementing the said program on a nationwide scale.

The said amount is aimed to pay for the expenses during the first term of the academic year 2015-2016. In a previous article of Ghana news daily, the Ministry of Finance has reportedly been authorizing the Controller and Accountant-General to release the figure which is mentioned above to the Minister of Education. This will allow the agency to pay for the implementation of the progressive free secondary senior high education program for the first term of the academic year 2016-2016.

The document read that the sum cited above should be paid and charged from the ABFA proceeds. This is according to the explicit details of the said document specifically on Warrant No. 1510807. The document also read that the Chief Director of the Ministry of Education is tasked to ensure that the transaction is clearly inputted into the GIFMIS Platform in order to facilitate the payment process of the expenses which will be defrayed during the school year. Reliable sources in the office of the Ministry of Education reported that the amount was already received in the account of the Ministry and is already ready to be disbursed when needed. Some sources also say that President Mahama will be presenting a dummy check with an undisclosed amount. He will hand this to the Minister of Education in order to pay the tuition fees of pupils who are set to enroll at the John Evans Atta Mills Senior High School by the time that he commissions the school block located at Ekumi Otuam.

School system

Ghana operates in a 6-3-4-4 system. This means that primary schooling is for 6 years, junior secondary or high school will be for 3 years, Senior secondary school will also be for 3 to 4 years and a University Bachelor’s Degree will have to be earned within 4 years.

Senior Secondary School

At least 375,000 Ghanaian students took the Basic Education Certificate Examination after completing JHS From in seven subjects. In the Ghanaian school system, there is a competitive environment when it comes to enrolling for the Senior Secondary High as only 150,000 students can be admitted to at least 500 public schools and 200 private secondary schools. Most students from Ghana attend the public boarding schools which are very competitive. There are only at least half a dozen international private secondary schools in Ghana. In total, these schools are graduating about 300 students per year and are offering the A-level or IB level curricula. In 2007, the Senior High School was introduced which expanded the system to four years but it had no effect on the curriculum of the education in the country. The said policy was reversed after three years and resulted with no graduation rites in 2010.