Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot ; Get Rid Of Fungus

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by the fungus that hits the area of feet. Stealthy intruder athlete’s foot creates itchiness between and around the toes, flaky crack patches of skin, dries bottoms or sides of feet and reddens or burns the skin and hair area of feet. It is caused by tight shoes or soggy atmosphere. The case may become worst due to blisters. It can be cured at home using some tips and techniques. We are going to discuss Home remedies for athlete’s foot here in this article.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot:

Virus or bacteria do not cause Athlete’s foot or tinea pedis; it is a fungus. Tinea pedis hangs out in the locker rooms etc. where everyone usually walks around bare feet. Due to the name “Athlete’s foot” it seems that only athletes are the victims of this infection. That’s complete, not true. Anyone can be the dupe of tinea pedis. Due to tight shoes or wearing the closed shoes for a long time causes the fingers pressed together, and it creates a muggy area between fingers or toenails. This is the ideal time for tinea pedis to attack.

Following are the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot:

  • Cracked skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Red skin
  • Blisters

Athlete’s foot can be cured by applying clotrimazole or other chemical-laden creams. The risk of getting this infection increases when we do not care for excessive sweating, having a weak immune system, and letting your feet damp for a long time.

So, it is crucial to treat the affected area of your feet immediately before the problem becoming catastrophe and the blisters appearing on your skin.

If you have to keep yourself the active whole day, then keep a pair of organic cotton socks and try to open your feet for a while. Do not wear the same shoes next day to avoid this fungus. Proper skin care might be a precautionary measure against tinea pedis.

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Home Remedies:

Prevention is better than cure but if you find any symptom then following are some of the home remedies for athlete’s foot that can help you to get cured:

  • Tee tree oil is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-septic. Apply the tea tree oil three to four times a day.
  • Plain yogurt is also a prompt solution for fungus. It contains live acidophilus that cures the infected area.
  • Take a few drops of mustard oil and a little bit of mustard powder and add it to water. Soak your feet in that water for half an hour.
  • Take one tablespoon of baking soda and add water to make a paste. Then apply in on affected area then rinse off the water. After drying your feet dust a little bit of cornstarch.
  • Garlic contains ‘ajoene’ that acts as anti-fungal. Crush one clove of garlic and add two drops of olive oil. Apply this paste for half an hour. Wash with water an anti-fungal soap.
  • Add two teaspoon of salt to warm water and soak your feet in that water.
  • Change your shoes every day.
  • Wear canvas or leather shoes.
  • Apply organic neem oil to your feet.
  • One part of vinegar and three parts water will cure the affected area.
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