How to Wash a Dog- Essential Tips from Happy Pets 24

Dog washing is often a work that cannot be done by a person. Dogs don’t like to wash their body with soaps. But a pet dog cannot be seen dirty by the owner, no matter how cute he is. The not bathe dog rises many problems to their boss like smelling issues, diseases, unhealthy, unhygienic, etc. It may also leads to the removal of dog’s fur which is beauty to the puppy.

There are some essential tips from Happy Pets 24 to Dog Washing. If you follow these steps then you can make you dog wash and fresh. A bathe dog will always be healthy, active and safeguards you from dangers. It also makes dog to look beautiful and attractive. Hence follow these tips to make your dog fresh and active.

Dog Washing tips from Happy Pets 24:

·         Prepare a workspace:

You can start collecting each material like water, dog shampoo, towel, brush and sponge and put them close to the bathing tub but make sure your dog is not in a manner that can make a mess of kicking the tub. Collect the water into the tub at certain heat that it should suit the dog’s body temperature. Otherwise, the dog may sick and feel bad.

·         Brushing:

Cleansing your dog should be like relaxing his health / skin / coat and showing him some love. If you find any ticks, then you should visit a pet doctor to cure the problem. It is always suggested to take good care on your dog while brushing. Sometimes the wrong brushing leads to tear off the whole skin of the body. You can visit happy pets 24 to know on scrubbing the dog.

·         Use a Good Shampoo:

Some dogs may feel rubbing and scratching their body always. If you find something like this then it might be due to the skin problem. A regular shampoo cannot cure these skin irritations. Use a medicated shampoo that is specially designed for the dog skin. You can also use mild shampoo. Most of the times don’t go for using chemical shampoos that make skin allergies to the pet. This is for the large size dogs. If your dog is a small puppy then use the suggested shampoo to him by verifying on Happy Pets 24.

·         Clean the Coat:

Make your dog wet with the water on tub. Now apply the shampoo to the whole body starting with head and to back side. Wash the whole body until the foam reaches everywhere. The dirty places are to be washed twice to remove the dirtiness. If the dog is suffering from any problems while washing then immediately stop the work and clean him. Some dogs has flea problems, in such cases, you should scrub the pet more properly. Use a dry towel to rub the dog. Make sure the water molecules should not sink inside the dog that makes your pet to get cold diseases. You can get more information on this happy pets 24 site.


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