Inject your way to a slimmer body

Obesity and or severe cases of weight gain are no alien problems to this generation. With air tight schedules and the fast life people are used to living, food has to keep pace too and what that has resulted in, are junk foods that only skyrocket your weight but also is harmful to the human health causing variety of diseases. HCG is one of the best ways to battle weight gain. It is a naturally occurring hormone in the placenta of a pregnant mother and is therefore safe, powerful and very effective. Other than actively helping in weight loss, it even helps to improve the metabolism. HCG Weight loss is highly recommended as it is very safe and helps to burn fat efficiently by helping it evacuate through the kidneys. Accompanied by a low carbohydrate diet of 500kcal and complete avoidal of fats, miraculous results can be achieved.

Why should you consider it?

HCG is very effective and when proper HCG Weight loss protocols are followed, results can be seen within a few days, typically not more than a week. HCG can cause a maximum weight loss of about 1 pound in men and about half a pound in women for as long as it is consumed. If you diligently follow the routine that comes along, you will notice instantaneous results and a big difference will be felt in a short period of time.

What are HCG kits?

Various kinds of HCG Kit are available in the market typically varying between 30 day and 60 day programs with the higher versions of the plan including certain additional items. Intermediate kits of 40 day or 50 day weight loss programs are also available. The prices of these range from $140 to $340. A regular 60 day HCG Kit contains:

  • 10ml Bacteriostatic Water (BAC Water) - 2
  • 10ml Sterile Mixing Vial - 2
  • Alcohol Wipes - 70
  • Mixing Needle - 2
  • Insulin Syringe 31g x 5/16” - 70
  • Sharps Container – 1
  • HCG Tester - 2
  • Tape Measure – 1
  • Mixing Instruction Sheet
  • Guidance on Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 recipes along with a detailed guide on what is to be done.

HCG diet injections can be easily self administered and following HCG diets helps your body utilize its existing fat reserves helping you shed massive amounts of fat within no time giving you permanent and long lasting results. It however should be mentioned that HCG medication cannot continue longer than 6 weeks and the diet regime should ideally be followed because breaking the routine will not only ruin your day’s effort but also might cause fatal complications as the body becomes accustomed to a very different  system.

Side Effects

HCG Weight loss rarely has any negative side effects because it is naturally produced in the body. Some weight losses that have been observed are






→Increased fertility leading to chances of multiple births


Consuming HCG any which way is not going to fetch you any benefit. Since it is a hormone, it works best and is most effective when it is injected directly into the bloodstream.

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