Job Saving Doctor’s note for All Seasons and Reasons

Have you ever felt like getting a doctor’s note because you are planning to fall sick tomorrow? If yes you can get plenty of ideas from the internet. Not only ideas, but you can also download real doctor’s note, print it with real prescription, treatment and an advice for sick leave.  First you need to think of a sickness that doesn’t make your boss feel like throwing you out, but it should be serious enough to put you on bed rest for at least a couple of days. Then you need to find the medication for that and print it on the fake doctors note. Don’t forget to specify dosage for the two days. At the end you need an authentic signature of the doctor which is hard to recognize (It is called doctor’s hand writing which only chemist will be able to read).

Fake Doctors Note on a Letterhead

You need a letterhead which displays the clinic name and address with telephone number. You can’t afford to print a clinic that exists in Mars or Jupiter. But you also can’t risk putting a clinic which your boss knows. Get the name of a private practitioner who plans to migrate to Timbuktu after treating you. Avoid specifying any phone number. This is for the simple reason that your boss may end up calling the doctor when he falls sick next time.

Finding the Illness and Prescription for Fake Doctors Note

You can’t use common cold and cough as an excuse for fake doctors note. The illness has to be something more than that, but not any infectious one. Food poisoning is the best illness you can find. Search for food poisoning medicines, injections and treatment. Also include diet advice. Once this is done you are ready. Print the doctor’s note and keep it ready to show your boss when you go back to office after two days. Make sure to print the date for tomorrow.

Fake the Illness Today before Fake Doctors Note

If you are falling sick tomorrow the illness will have some clear symptoms today. Start faking the illness today. You could start your drama from late afternoon and prolong it till the evening. Pretend as though you are trying to work hard in spite of having those terrible symptoms of an illness which shall befall tomorrow. This is how you prepare the groundwork for sympathy and praise “Oh god he is so hard working that he is not even worried about his failing health!” Your boss and colleagues should be able to forecast the increasing intensity of your illness which will certainly make you bedridden tomorrow.

You might get an advice from your boss,” why don’t you go home and rest. We have got lots of pending work tomorrow”. This is a tricky situation. Since it is already nearing 4Pm you don’t want to lose two precious days of “rest” for an hour’s off. So you need to say something like “I am not sure of tomorrow (and the day after too), but I need to complete my work today before 5PM”. Your groundwork for the fake doctors note is on solid ground now.

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