Masjid al-Haram- The Dream Destination for every Muslim

Saudi Arabia is one of the most blessed countries in the world due to the oil reserves, honor of having two holiest cities Makkah and Madina and most importantly they possess the guardianship of Kaaba. The Mosque of Makkah is surrounded by all the heritage sites of Islam like Kaaba, Mount of Safa and Marwa, well of Zamzam, Cave of Hira etc. Masjid Al- Haram accommodates millions of pilgrims every year. Muslims from the globe come to visit it and admire the glory of the city and its beauty. Your deep desired dream can come true through Umrah Packages 2017.

Masjid al-Haram is one of the largest Mosques in the world covering a large area around the Kaaba including all the outdoor and indoor areas provided for praying.


One of the buildings has its charm in the simplicity. It is covered with black cloth with golden and silver work on it. It was the first building which was solely built for the purpose of worship. Regardless of the place you are, you will pray by facing towards it as it is the official Qibla for Muslims. Circumambulation is performed by the Pilgrims of Hajj or Umrah around it.

Black Stone:

It is also known as Hajar Al-Aswad, a stone which was brought by Gabriel (AS) from Jannah. It was intact in Kaaba’s wall by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Maqam e Ibrahim:

It is a rock which has prints of Ibrahim’s feet. He stood on it while building Kaaba along his son Ismail (AS).

Mount of Safa and Marwa:

These two mounts remind us about the struggle of Hajar and her belief on Allah.  She ran desperately between two mounts in search of water without bothering about the boiling weather of Makkah.

Well of Zamzam:

This well is located near Kaaba and worth visiting.

Masjid Al-Haram is the center of attraction for everyone around the world. Muslims travel from miles to perform Umrah and Hajj every year. You can choose Umrah packages 2017 and perform your religious obligation without any hassles.

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