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Metzeler motorcycle tires: How to select winter motorcycle tires?

Winter starts hitting cold and hard; there are many riders that would opt to keep their motorcycles safely in garages until the start of next riding season. However, you would find many fans that would be battling this cold season to get into a top of bikes. Regardless of the type of bike, you are having three wheels or two wheels; you need to pay top most attention to the Metzeler motorcycle tires. It is essential to consider some of the factors before you chose to store your motorcycle in some place. One of them is right helmet as that would start emitting the heat during the time of an accident and this is usually done to avoid the head swelling. You need to have with yourself safety clothes as that would keep you warm. Good lighting is also the essential part that can’t be ignored.


  • You need to do regular maintenance of your motorcycle for good quality of the engine. It is essential to keep Metzeler motorcycle tires in good winter condition as that would give a good combination of grip, longevity, and feel. Standard tires are known to have the good dry traction, and they are not known for having the wet traction.
  • Tires instead they are manufactured by the same manufacturer or by some other, they are known for having the great difference in treading patterns as well as rubber compounds as they are made for the different riding surfaces. Tires of street bikes are known to have the different treading patterns, and their contact patch would be different when compared with the bike of dirt tires. In a similar way, summer tires can’t be utilized during the winter season as their wet traction would not be so good when compared to winter tires as they would end up being too slippery.
  • Winter tires are known to have the narrow slits and wider grooves at their edges of treading area, and they would be getting as much water through the contact patch possible. There are many notable differences such as when winter tires would be made up of the materials that would be maintaining the good grip and remaining soft and that would be below the zero degrees Celsius.
  • The standard tires of motorcycles would be made up of the rubber compounds and that would get stiffen as the temperature would get the drop and hence the grip would be starting reducing the six degree Celsius. There are many of you who would often get confused that what type of motorcycle tires that they should be using as they are many brands available in the market and select one pair is a daunting task from the notable brands. It is the preference that decides your selection of motorcycle tire brands.

You need to opt for the motorcycle tires that are long lasting and have good grip.  There are special tires whose rubber would remain soft especially when the temperature would be getting low and that have the good compromise between the longevity and traction.