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It seems quite easy to do the screen-capturing trick with your cell-phone – press the right buttons and you are good to go. But when it comes to desktop, the task gets a bit daunting. Some of the screen-capturing software out in the market are either too expensive or doesn’t do the task easily. This is where Open Broadcaster Software comes to the rescue.

OBS studio is famous for providing best video streaming service for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and DailyMotion. It is also renowned for offering the screen-cap facility. Read on to learn more about the software.

Customizable and Free OBS Studio

The reason why we recommend Open Broadcaster Software for both video streaming and screencasting is because it is not just free but also open-source. It comes with a lot of features that are handy for tons of different tasks. You can also use the app to edit videos for your YouTube channel, if you have any. The Software works for Windows 7,8, 10, however, it does not support Windows XP.

When you first launch the OBS Studio, it will lead you to preview just a black screen. This is because the software does not assemble the video until you add sources and scenes. Sources are what make the videos and scenes are the final picture of the video that is viewed. Adding more sources is always favorable, because you will stick to only one screen if you don’t add any source.

Record Your Display

In order to record everything that appears on the screen, the entire display, users need to follow the following steps.

  • At the bottom of the Window you will see Source Box. Right click on it.
  • It will display options – select Add and then click on Display Capture.
  • Now name your source whatever you like and hit OK.
  • The screen will lead to preview your captured display.
  • If you have connected multiple displays to your computer, you can choose the one you want to capture.
  • There is a last “Capture Cursor” option as a cherry on top – on or off this option if you want to keep the mouse cursor on the captured display or not.
  • From here, click the OK button and the preview will lead to your OBS window.

There is much more to OBS Studio than just capturing the display. It is also best for recording live streaming videos because it is the only effective free-of-cost software available. Those others that offer hassle free live streaming are too expensive. Other than that, OBS Studio comes with a simple and clean interface, something that is not readily available. The process is super simple, there is a “start streaming” button that directly leads you to streaming from the chosen source once you click on it.

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