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Chris Oyakhilome; also acknowledged as Pastor Chris is a Christian minister and founding president of the believers’ Loveworld in Nigeria. The ministry, also known as the Christ embassy is a bible based organization with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The ministry has several units that carry out its missions. Among theme include the healing school, Rhapsody of Realities, Inner-city missions for children and the Loveworld books. It also operates three Christian television channels named LoveWorld Plus, LoveWorld SAT and Loveworld TV.

The program feature faith healing and miracles in various ministries organized by the ministry around the globe. The meetings gather over 2.5 million people in a single event. Pastor Chris was given an honorary doctorate in 2015 from Benson Idahosa University and Ambrose Alli University.

The Oyakhilomes ministry holds meetings in the United States and the United Kingdom. The healing school conducts classes in South Africa and Canada. Higher life conferences are organized in Ghana, UK, US, Nigeria, South Africa and Canada. In 2016, the ministry held the International School of Ministry ministers networks conferences in Johannesburg South Africa. This event brought together 5000 ministers from 145 countries in the world.

Pastor Chris is the author of the Rhapsody of realities, a devotional and bible-study guide. This is one of the best selling devotion books with several millions of copies sold to over 242 countries.

It has been translated into over 749 languages of the world such as English, German, Spanish, Afrikaans, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Hindi, Mandarin, Myanmar, and Swahili. They are still progressing to add more languages and are welcoming people to contribute to this course. This ensures that the richness of God’s world into their lives. These devotional books have been phrased as Messenger Angle.

As Nigerians celebrate 57th Nigeria independence anniversary, there will be a distribution of over 30 million copies of the Rhapsody or realities across the country.

The theme for this year reach out is the inspiration of greater dreams. They have organized community development projects, education and other sponsorship projects in different parts of the country in line with this theme. The reach out Nigeria rallies has been organized across to pray for the country.

These celebrations were part of the October-November carnival where participants had green and white costumes to draw attention to several people across the nation. They gave the copies of the Rhapsody of realities were lead in the prayers of salvation.

It has been distributed across Nigerian marketplaces, hospitals schools, the presidency, government houses, military forces streets, and residential areas. Best times for distribution is during football tournaments, seminars, public lecturers and such. Everywhere, you would see the color green and white representing the church embassy.

One of the believers testified that the book was good since it teaches a lot. Irrespective of where you are, reading it improves your spirit and mind. The Christ embassy by Pastor Chris wants more people to join them in the distribution of 250 million copies in 900 hundred languages by the close of the year 2017.

The Oyakhilome’s Future Africa Leader Awards is an initiative that aims that spotting, awarding and supporting young Africans who demonstrate exemplary leadership, youth empowerment, mentoring and several other projects it has awarded over 40 Africans by the year 2013.

The Christ embassy is more than a church. The spirit of God holds the life of the believer and His Vision becomes a reality. God makes the vision real not only to you but also to others through you. They are part of more than a church, but a God’s vision.

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