Barry Forbes -
Fuzkuza -
A True Man

Sitting watching the sunrise over the majestic Lubombo mountains, Nsoko, one can't help but be saddened by the loss of a truly great man.  A man whose kindness and generosity touched the lives of all who came across him and needed it, without every wanting anything in return.

Peter Barry Forbes, was born in Siteki, Swaziland in 1958.  Son of the notorious Mobotweni (Peter Forbes), the Forbes family go right back in Swazi history to 1850 when his great grandfather Mahleka (Captain David Forbes) first lived in Swaziland, being one of the first pioneers.  Barry spent his childhood years growing up in the heart of the Lowveld, playing, swimming in the rivers and hunting as any boy would.  At 5 years old he had already shot his first impala and by the age of 12 years had shot his first buffalo.  He attended Sidney Williams School in Manzini then went to Michaelhouse in KwaZulu Natal where he completed his secondary education.  Passionate about farming and game he started working on a farm in Swaziland at the age of 18 years old.

At 24 years old, Barry married and settled down at Nsoko working for Nisela Farms, a tiny sugar cane farm at that time. 

For the next 22 years he worked hard and eventually became the Managing Director of Nisela Farms and a shareholder in other affiliated companies.  Through Barry's love of game and wildlife, Nisela Safaris was established on the cattle ranch at Nsoko.  Combined with cattle, game was slowly introduced until it became predominant and this beautiful establishment became the great success it is today.  Lions were reintroduced into an educational breeding programme and cultural programmes established so that the Swazi nation could benefit from it.

Barry is survived by his loving wife Sandie and two sons, Colin and Robert and all who know and loved him.  The following is an excerpt from a book called 'My Life in South Africa' by Mahleka (David Forbes) written in 1938 talking about his father - the words eerily enough echo out what Barry was all about -

"He was the best of fathers, and the bravest of men.  No man could be truer to his god, or more loyal to his King.

His moral and physical courage was strengthened by his honesty of purpose and goodwill to all men.  The seed of selfishness and greed, if ever sown in him, had fallen on barren ground.  His was true religion for the happiness of all and not only a means of saving his own soul.

A kind act to him meant more than  a bushel of prayers.  He believed in deeds not words, and was ever more willing to do a kind act than receive a favour.

He had many tribulations in life, but his undaunted courage and spirit always carried him through, to end his days in comfort and peace.

He was ever my ideal of the true man and I have always endeavoured to hold his life as a model before me as a guidance.

I have often marvelled that in blazing the trail in rough and unknown lands, associated with  harsh life with its blunting influences, he was able to preserve and retain that culture and refinement that commanded the admiration of all who came in contact with him and the endearment by all his friends.

May his descendants prove worthy of such an outstanding ancestor, and carry on the great work."

Rest in peace Barry.



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