Sand Screeding Methods for Sacramento Patio Pavers

Installation of the sand layers within the depth of the base for Sacramento patio pavers plays an important role in ensuring strength, water conductivity, resistance to weather and other characteristics of the pavement stones. The professional pavement installers in this region use the right kind of sand with coarse size 2mm to 16mm, depending on the type of landscape, paver stone height, required water permeability and other factors. Each layer of the sand is leveled with the Screeder board.  The experts use the boards which are slightly lesser than the width of the pavement bock. This is to ensure uniform leveling across the width on dragging of the board.

Screeding Techniques for Sacramento Patio Pavers

Screed rails at the two edges of the base can be useful in controlling the board dragging speed and removing the excess sand uniformly. The construction workers install the rails along the entire length of the pavement base and slide the board on them. This is a cyclic process which gets repeated until the expected height of the sand bed is achieved.

Limestone and Gravel for Sacramento Patio Pavers

The next task is to extend the base with a combination of limestone and gravel. The workers may also use crushed silicone or glass for enhancing the gripping firmness. Care is taken to maintain uniform surface levels along the length and width of the layout.

  • After the first layer is installed, the workers use the striking heads along the entire length and width to level the layers. The force of striking is balanced from moderate to intermediate levels for avoiding any disturbance in the sand layer beneath the limestone and gravel layer.
  • Once the layout is complete, the workers follow up with final layer of sand screeding to seal the complete bed firmly.

Testing of the sand bed in the Sacramento Patio Pavers

Professional construction experts working on Sacramento patio pavers keep testing the basement layers as they get installed.

  • Height and leveling measurements help in determining any variation in the installation procedure. If any defects are found, the experts may recommend changing the ratio of sand, gravel and limestone combination and make a single uniform layer of the basement bed.
  • Care is taken to avoid the growth of algae and other waterborne plants within the basement. This situation could arise when the water is not completely drained out. The experts make every effort to avoid such situations by allowing water drainage points at the edges on both ends. Using the traditional methods it may not be possible to ensure maximum water drainage. Hence the experts working in Sacramento patio pavers use the technique of open channels which are installed as a network mesh on which the sand layers are installed. This will ensure complete water drainage.

After the completion of these procedures, the workers can start installing the pavement stones. The installers may follow two distinct methods for doing it. The first one is by sinking the paver stone’s 1/4th height into the base depth. The other method is by placing the entire height on the surface.


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