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radon mitigation Racine

Radon is a colorless, odorless highly radioactive gas produced as a byproduct of Uranium decomposition. It is naturally present in the atmosphere as well as in the soils in a harmless concentration. However it times this concentration is hampered and it increases. In the air, this increase may be due to poor ventilation systems that the air gets trapped inside closed spaces. When this radon poisoning in the air even exceeds even further this radon comes in contact with the water bodies and dissolves in the water causing radon poisoning as a result. Keeping this in mind it is pretty obvious that the states and areas that are surrounded by water bodies are more prone to radon poisoning. Established that a location near water bodies increases the risk of radon poisoning makes Racine naturally endangered to fall a prey to radon poisoning. This makes radon mitigation Racine even more essential.

Racine is a city located in the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America. It is situated on the shore of the Lake Michigan. It is also in the neighborhood of the city Milwaukee. Both these factors increase the risk of radon poisoning in Racine. The first cause is the location of the city on the shore of a lake and the second factor is its neighborhood with Milwaukee as the area of Milwaukee is also famous for being affected by radon poisoning.


As it is the case with any other area, prior to moving on to Radon Mitigation Racine it is essential to perform detection tests to not only confirm the presence of radon in the area but also to find out its exact concentration. Since Racine is located at the shore of a lake, therefore, the most common type of radon poisoning that is possible in this area is radon poisoning in water. The water of the lake absorbs the radon particles from the atmosphere and becomes contaminated. When this poisoned water is consumed for drinking and cooking purposes it enters the human body and increases the risk of not only lung cancer but also of esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer and kidney and liver infections.

The hardest to deal with a problem when it comes to water radon mitigation Racine is the fact that unlike air radon mitigation the whole batch of water in the water body cannot be cleaned all at once. This process is performed simultaneously and the water is purified on the spot before being utilized. The two most commonly used methods used for the purpose of water mitigation are aeration and filtration. Both the methods focus on first making the dissolved radon particles in the water-insoluble. As a result, they are separated from the water and then they are removed leaving the water clean and fresh.

It is a well-known proverb that precaution is better than cure. Keeping this in mind the experts suggest that the radon mitigation tests and systems must be installed as the first priority to avoid any inconvenience or damage.



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