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With powerful features and affordable prices, Android phones are getting popular these days. Android is taking its position in the smartphone market. Millions of people love this simple and amazing operating system of Android. The positive point of the Android smartphone is most of the apps are free of cost and easily available on the store. However, most of the people don’t know which app is necessary for their phone and how to install them. In this article, I will explain all those tactics which you should follow, and make your phone full feature.

Top 8 Apps on the Google Play Market

Below are listed all those top apps which you can install for free and get advantages Sometimes.


It’s a free application that let users allow taking beautiful pictures and applying some effects and filters and then share with people on different social media platforms. It is considered one of the best photo capturing apps.

Paper Camera

It’s a small app that allows users to apply fantastic filters on their photos using 12 amazing effects. You can edit your picture according to your choice. This is the most important features for those who love taking pictures and share with their family and friends using multiple social media platforms.

Angry Birds Series

I called you lucky if you are an android user. AngryBirds is one of the most interesting and most downloaded games for the Android user and available for free download. Using Android operating system allows users to download and install fantastic free games and apps from the Google play market.

Any DO

You must have this app on your android phone if you have a busy life schedule. This app allows you to set a to-do list for your today, tomorrow or even for the whole week. It helps you remind all those things that you do in your daily routine and you will not forget anything. Navigate getintopcweb for more fantastic software.

File Manager

The file manager helps you to manage, delete and organize your personal positive. Some of the Android phones do not come with a file manager app. You must have a file manager installed on your phone.

Task Killer

Sometimes you run multiple programs on your android phone. This consumes a lot of your phone’s memory. So you need to turn off the unnecessary apps. In this case, Task Killer is an efficient app that makes you able to turn off your running apps in a single click.

Go Application

Go application takes over your Android system with beautiful user interface and effective management. This app consists of Go-theme, Go-SMS, and Go-contact. Go Application offers the basic feature for free while for advanced features you need to buy premium package.

Titanium Backup

This app keeps the complete backup of your phone. This way you can save your data, contacts, applications and even messages. For this application, you must use root access, so if you’re going to use this app, be sure to ask the manufacturer of your android that you can root the device or not.

After installing all these amazing apps, now your phone will be much better than ever.

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