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The Three Values You Need to Pay Attention to While Testing the Speed

Slow internet connections really are annoying and frustrating especially if you need to do something urgent but you cannot proceed with it just because of the slow internet. This is especially frustrating for people who avail expensive internet connection services but their download and upload bandwidth are not what they deserve. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use an internet speed test tool like PLTC speed test to have an accurate measure of your internet connection, specifically your ping, download bandwidth, and upload bandwidth which are the three values you need to pay attention to while testing the speed of your internet. These three values are discussed below.

Ping or Latency

The ping rate is also known as your connection latency. You will usually see this value when you use an internet speed test tool. If your ping times are under 50ms, then your internet connection is excellent allowing you to download and upload at high speeds and have a stable stream of videos online. If your ping times are around 50ms to 100ms then your connection is fast enough to enable you have a good and stable online gaming. If your ping times are around 250ms, then you have an internet connection good enough to enable you to do casual online activities such as checking your mail and social networking sites. However, if your ping times are around 500ms to 1000ms, then you are experiencing internet lags or your connection is really slow. This is the time when you need to go for the solutions of improving your internet connection.

Download Bandwidth

The download bandwidth value is very important especially if you are the kind of internet user who usually stream online videos and download large files. If your speed test results to a download bandwidth value of less than 10mbps, then your connection is a little bit slow in terms of fast streaming online videos and downloading large files in just a short amount of time. You should consider a wider or better broadband range if you want to improve your download bandwidth.

Upload Bandwidth

The upload bandwidth is generally much lower than the download bandwidth because only a few internet users focus on uploading files. If your download bandwidth is around 40-50 mbps, then your upload bandwidth will generally be around 5mbps. If you notice that your upload bandwidth is far lower than what your ISP has promised you, then better check for solutions to improve your connection.

For accurate speed test results, you can use the website to measure your ping latency, download bandwidth, and upload bandwidth.