Upright Vs. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Which one should you choose?

A vacuum cleaner, sometimes known as a vacuum sweeper is an electronic or electricity-run device that is used to clean or sweep away dust.

Vacuum cleaners are very demanding and very useful among today’s household chores devices. Besides they are very easy to use, makes you work less hard, makes you consume less time and energy and also they are very eco-friendly. In the case of wiping away dust, it sucks up all of it within its pouch, whereas a broom might scatter away everything and leave the environment dusty as it was.


Generally, vacuum cleaners used to be categorized into two categories:

  • Manual Vacuum Cleaner
  • Powered or Electric Vacuum Cleaner.

There have also been portable vacuum cleaners during both electric and non-electric periods.

But today we will be able to find a whole lot of different categories of vacuum cleaners. Like: Upright, Canister, Drum, Wet/Dry, Pneumatic, Backpack, Hand-Held (Portable), Cyclonic, Robotic, Vehicular, Central, etc.

We are mainly going to focus on today’s two most well-known types of vacuum cleaners: Upright & Canister.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner takes the form of a cleaning head, onto which a handle and a bag would be attached. The type of design generally employs a brush roll or a beater bar that removes dirt through a combining process of sweeping and vibration. This kind has two main designs: Dirty Air/Direct Fan (for corporate use) and Clean Air/Fan Bypass (for domestic use).

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner takes the form of a motor (main body) and a dust collector. The design is usually found with wheels attached to it.

Which vacuum cleaner would be the perfect one for you?

The upright ones are larger whereas the canister ones are comparably smaller in size. But canisters are more powerful than the upright ones. They have better suctions and flow rate. They clean faster and easier. The main advantages of this design are flexibility and maneuverability. The user can attach different heads for different tasks and some heads can reach under furniture. Such as vacuuming on carpeted stairs and vertical surfaces.

But the upright ones are comparably cheaper. As they have motorized brushes, they are more effective on thick carpets and rugs. And also you usually don’t have to bend forward when using it. But cleaners like this are very noisy. And also they are very heavy, which can also create difficulties when dragging them around the house.

Whereas the canisters can be very light-weight and easy to drag. They also make less noise. They can fit in small closets as they can be disassembled. But again, as they have to be assembled when getting started, they do take away some of your time before getting to work. And also, you have to bend down more or less with it that might result in back pain.

As you can see both vacuum cleaners have pros and cons equally. Some of you might think of spending less when buying and some of you will definitely going to spend a lot with a hope to buy the best. Pros and cons have been highlighted on both of them equally. But finally, the choice is yours.

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