You thought that you knew everything about car key replacement in San Antonio

A car is one of the big investments that a San Antonio resident makes. Either they use their savings or take auto loans from the bank to purchase a car that will make commuting from one place to another easier for them. However, with the car, there comes the responsibility of its security. As per the statistics, the number of motor vehicles stolen in the US in 2015 rose up to 707,758.  The basic security measure to secure a car against theft falls into one of four main categories of car key replacement.

The four general types of car key replacement services include:

  • Standard keys
  • High-security keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Proximity remotes

Let’s have a look at them in detail and analyze the difference among the varieties of car key replacement services in San Antonio.

Standard Keys

These are the traditionally used car keys. The designs of these keys, with the passage of time, have also changed; however, they offer no enhanced security as they can be easily duplicated. These keys are manufactured in the same way as the keys which we use for unlocking any door lock or padlock. If you are using standard keys for your car, you definitely need to upgrade it to a modern version of the automotive key for enhanced security of your car.

High-Security Keys

High-security keys were introduced for increasing the security of the cars against theft and burglary. Sidewinder keys, another name of high-security keys, differ in shape and manufacturing as compared to the standard keys. They have a thick body and a curved notch on their sides which make them difficult to be duplicated. These car key replacement services are laser-cut automotive keys; hence, can only be duplicated by a professional manufacturer who is aware of the laser cutting technology and has access to such equipment.

Transponder Keys

To take the security measures notches above, transponder keys were brought in the market. They feature a transponder in the handle of the key as an anti-theft security measure. However, due to their high cost, such keys are only used with expensive cars.

Proximity Remotes

The use of proximity remotes or smart keys is the modern way of securing the vehicle against burglary or theft. They do not feature any of the facets similar to the transponder or high-security keys; rather they have a remote with sensors, batteries, and a microchip that is used to communicate with your vehicle and protect it. The remote features various buttons for locking or unlocking the door, muting the alarm etc. You can simply press the button and the door of your car will be unlocked. The sensors can sense if the car is triggered in the wrong or unfamiliar way; hence, can set the alarm ringing. These remotes are manufactured by car key replacement services using state-of-the-art technology and are currently the popular method to protect the car against theft.

In case you have lost your automotive keys, a professional and trained car key replacement service in San Antonio can come to your rescue in such a situation. They are equipped with all the right gears and knowledge to create a replica of your automotive key.

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